What’s this all about, anyway?

Hey! Thanks for checking me out. 

Over time, this blog is going to fill with a variety of topics all relating to living clean and simply, taking good care of ourselves, and whatever other stories and musings come to mind along the way. 

‘Perfect’ is not even a distant relative of mine, so this is really a log of the path that I am creating in my life. There will be a lot of errors and bumps in the road, and perhaps if I document this venture I won’t be the only one who learns a thing or two along the way!

If you’re wondering if you can relate, here are some tidbits to know about me. I am 31 and getting married in February 2018 (!!!), after which it is projected that little humans will enter the picture. I have a full time career as a Registered Social Worker (with plenty of life experience to have brought me to that goal) and am on the precipice of taking the plunge into a married-with-children life. 

As I strive to be the best me I can be with all the many hats I wear, I hope to document how we can strive to get back to basics in our lives, enjoy what we have while we have it, and set ourselves and our families up for a long, happy, and healthy future. (Top tip: I don’t have these answers, I’m just going to explore some fun ideas that are vaguely related)

We will probably cover some home décor, essential oils, environmentally clean products, cleaning and organizing tips (and why we should bother), how we fit balance into our lives, and things we can do to nurture our bodies and souls. 

I’d love to hear what you’re interested in reading about, so comments and suggestions are very encouraged here! For now, please enjoy this photo of my Canadian city – Edmonton, Alberta

city sunset

Even in the middle of a busy city (ok, so I know it’s not New York or anything but it’s still a busy city!), we can find little things to stop and appreciate. 

I used to have a serious aversion towards living in this city – particularly for the cold winters and lack of exciting green areas to venture off into, but as it seemed I was not actually going to get to leave any time soon (if only for purely practical reasons), I started to think that maybe it’s actually not the worst thing ever that I couldn’t make the move to the sunny valley of the Okanagan. After all, all my friends and family are here, and it is a growing city full of potential. 

So I made a decision that I am going to love winter (we have at least 6 months and often longer of winter here in Edmonton) and I am going to embrace what this city has to offer. 

As the mid-August days are getting shorter and cooler already I’m reminded of this talk I had with myself, and this photo reminds me to enjoy the crisp air and multicolored landscape before it disappears under a cloud of white.


Author: The Meta Leaf

I'm a social worker by day and a dabbler by night. I like to allow myself to seek out whatever activity strikes me at any given time, so some days I'll be painting, others, writing. I might be on a new exercise plan or teaching myself chemistry. I try to balance alone time to take care of myself with family time to take care of those I love, and to reduce or eliminate harsh chemicals and franken-foods from our daily lives. I try to be sure that I am nurturing myself, my life, my goals, and those I love in all that I do (although I can admit that sometimes I fail miserably at this) because "one day [I] will realize that material things mean nothing, all that matters is the well-being of the people in [my] life" ( - Leon Brown, oh, did I mention I love quotes?). I'm in love with life (or I try to be, most of the time) and I am determined to live it (and to document the joy and mishaps along the way)!

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